ID 1261
Source Type Borehole
Photos No. None
Inspecting Agency Federal Government of Somalia Ministry of Energy and Water Resources
New Inspecting Agency None
Inspection Date Sept. 13, 2019
Inspecting Person Mohamed
District Baydhaba
Settlement Name Kormari
Settlement Distance 1.0
Establishing Agency None
New Establishing Agency None
Establishing Date Sept. 9, 2018
Source Name Bayahaw 1
Geometry SRID=4326;POINT (43.6585116666667 3.15261833333333)
Latitude 3.15261841
Longitude 43.6585121
Sources Cluster None
Water Source Photo No Photo
Water User Type Rural
Permanent? Yes
Months Used None
Functioning? Yes
Non Function Date None
Non Function Reason None
No of Humans 400
No of Camels None
No of Cattle None
No of Shoats None
Irrigation Area None
Borehole Depth 220.0
Borehole SWL None
Borehole Operating Yield 12.0
Borehole Operating Hours 5.0
Borehole Operating Drawn 1.0
Borehole Recovery Time 1.0
Reservoir Type Concrete/Masonry tank
Reservoir Capacity 50.0
Pipeline Type Stainless Steel
Pipeline Length 3.0
HouseHold Connections 400
Water Point Kiosks 4
Troughs None
Source Emergency? Yes
No of Trucks 4
Truck Capacity 180.0
Pump Type Submersible Pump
Pump Model None
Pump Capacity None
Pump Level None
Power Source Solar
Generator Type None
Generator Capacity None
Solar Type None
Solar Capacity None
Supply Condition good
Supply Condition Notes None
Physical Water Issues no
Physical Problem Reason None
Temperature 29.6
pH 7.62
Electrical Conductivity 1280.0
Total Dissolved Solids 900.0
Water Sample No No Document
Management Type Communal
WSC yes
WSC Established Date None
WSC Male 3
WSC Female 1
Watercharged Humans? no
Cost Of Water Humans None
Cost Of Water Humans Currency None
Watercharged Animals? no
Cost Of Water Animals None
Cost Of Water Animals Currency None
Intervention Agency None
New Intervention Agency None
Intervention Description None
Intervention Date None
Current Intervention Tailot and water kiosk in the comoa
Second Date Intervention None
Proposed Intervention None
Additional Information None
Other Files No Document
History watersource.HistoricalWaterSource.None