Date Dec. 1, 2022
Code BH100
Borehole Name GTZ 1
Latitude 10.636281
Longitude 47.364377
Is the borehole functional? Yes
What is the reason for breakdown? n/a
Not functional remarks n/a
Static water level before pumping (m) 100.0
What is the average hourly yield (m3/hr) 50.0
Average daily pumping hours 8.0
Average number of households served per day 150.0
Average number of camels server per day 100
Average number of cattles server per day 200
Average number of shoats served per day 60
Any noticeable water quality n/a
Any noticeable water issue n/a
Electrical Conductivity 3600.0
Additional Notes Wax boydomajiraan
History History BH100