Date Sept. 29, 2023
Code 448
Borehole Name Caydaroosh bh
Latitude 9.3271495
Longitude 43.7446224
Is the borehole functional? Yes
Static water level before pumping (m) 375.0
Statis water level immediately after pumping (m) 360.0
Static water level two hours after end pumping (m) 355.0
What is the average hourly yield (m3/hr) 60.0
Average daily pumping hours 7.0
Average number of households served per day 2000.0
Types of animals served Goats/Sheep (Ari/Adhi) Cattle (LO') Camel (Geel)
Average number of camels server per day 4000
Average number of cattles server per day 160
Average number of shoats served per day 1800
Average capacity of tankers served (barrels) 40.0
Any noticeable water quality Water taste (Dhadhanka biyaha)
Additional Notes Ok
History History 448