Code BKGDBA001
Water Source Type Berkad
Inspecting Agency FGS_MoEWR
Inspection Date Sept. 26, 2019
District Baardheere
Settlement Name Musawa
Settlement Distance 1.0
Establishing Agency Barwaaqo company
Establishing Date 02/18/2013
Source Name Barwaaqo
Geometry None
Latitude 2.3395
Longitude 42.2802
Sources Cluster 1
Water Source Photo
Users None
Permanent? yes
Months Used None
Functioning? yes
Non Function Reason None
No of Humans None
No of Camels None
No of Cattle None
No of Shoats None
Irrigation Area None
Source Protected? None
Berkad depth None
Berkad length 16.0
Berkad width 3.0
Reservoir Type Concrete/Masonry tank
Reservoir Capacity None
Pipeline Type PVC
Pipeline Length 50.0
HouseHold Connections 400
Water Point Kiosks 0
Troughs 0
Source Emergency? no
No of Trucks None
Truck Capacity None
Pump Type None
Pump Model GF
Pump Capacity 8.0
Pump Level None
Power Source Surface mounted Pump
Generator Type Dose
Generator Capacity 20.0
Solar Type None
Solar Capacity None
Supply Condition None
Supply System Condition Notes Unsanitary surface
Physical Water Issues no
Physical Problem Reason None
Temperature 18.0
pH 6.02
Electrical Conductivity 542.0
Total Dissolved Solids 432.0
Water Sample Code No Document
Management Type None
WSC None
WSC Established Date None
WSC Male None
WSC Female None
Humans Charged for Water? yes
Cost Of Water for Humans 0.001
Water Charged for Animals? no
Cost Of Water for Animals None
Last Intervention Agency None
Last Intervention Description No
Last Intervention Date None
Proposed Intervention Description Huge filtration and drugs
Additional Notes None
Metadata Tag Strategic Water Sources Survey – WSS_NAT
History BKGDBA001