ID 8
Metadata Tag Strategic Water Sources Survey – WSS_NAT
Year of Survey 2019
Field Data Collection Agency/ Institutions FAO/SWALIM; FGS Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MoEWR); Somaliland Ministry of Water Resources Development (MoWRD); Puntland Water Development Agency (PWDA);
Brief Description A national survey of strategic water sources carried out across the country to update the database and make available up to date reliable data and information to support decision-making and interventions. SWALIM-developed tools for water sources data collection and monitoring, including an Android mobile phone-based data collection kit (ODK – Open Data Kit) were used. Field survey included visiting the strategic water sources and collecting data on location (GPS coordinates), water usage, physical parameters and basic water quality. One thousand, five hundred and twenty four (1,524:- 426 in S/C; 914 in SL; 184 in PL) water sources were surveyed. Data from the survey was used to update the national water sources database and online live map.